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Fitness Boxing 2 Rhythm And Exercise [010007301...

The default coach is Lin, and there is a total of 5 other coaches (3 female and 2 male), each with customizable appearances.[8] New costumes can be unlocked by performing achievements. The coaches demonstrate every maneuver involved in each exercise, making them a visual guide for maintaining rhythm. They also provide the players tips both during and outside of the exercises.

Fitness Boxing 2 Rhythm and Exercise [010007301...

Japanese company Imagineer Co. Ltd. announced on July 1 the release window for a Joy-Con Attachment designed specially for the rhythmic boxing game Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise on Nintendo Switch.

The workouts in the Fitness Boxing series are modeled after existing boxing programs designed by the General Incorporated Association of Fit Boxing Japan, a move that brought its first installment massive attention for its successful integration of genuine exercises into a video game. To date, the series has sold a total of 1.7 million copies as of May this year.

Work out at home and punch to the beat. Jab, uppercut, dodge, and more to catchy pop tunes in this rhythmic boxing game! Dodges, ducks, and step moves turn fitness boxing into a full-body workout. Pass a Joy-Con controller to an exercise buddy and box to the beat together.

Customize your workout with the help of a virtual instructorChoose from nine virtual instructors, select a challenge level from light to heavy and have a workout prepared for you by your trainer, or create one all by yourself from scratch in Free Training. Check out detailed examples, practice specific moves, and receive helpful feedback from your instructor to get the most out of your workout!Warm up with the original Fitness Boxing game and then transfer your profile to the Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise gameKeep your progress from the original Fitness Boxing game and transfer your profile to the Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise game, once purchased.Get your daily workout on and box (and bop) to the beat. Pass a Joy-Con controller (or two*) to a workout partner to enjoy a 2-player boxing session lead by your in-game instructor. These virtual trainers have different personalities and styles, so try them out and find the one that suits you best! Complete achievements to receive tickets you can redeem for outfits to deck out your trainer in fitness fashion.

1. An integrated system for boxing and martial arts-based group competitive training comprising: the local server also receives, stores and transmits information pertinent to the user's vital signs and statistics comprising pulse, cardiac rhythm, VO2 consumption and calories spent, and integrates with commercially available hardware and software;

"It's got a good beat and you can dance to it," teenagers used to tell Dick Clark when rating tunes on the popular TV show American Bandstand. The same could be said of music in the fitness industry--until now. Music has always been the heart of group exercise, but today the beat is changing. And so are the many ways we perceive, access, select and use music to accompany today's fitness classes. 041b061a72


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