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Finding your core values (Exercise)

To recap from the last post, we need to find our core values as they can dictate our actions. A better decision-making ability will grant you happiness in life.

Many of us don't know what our personal core values are.

THAT'S OKAY; we are here to try to discover these hidden formulas that you live by 24/7.

Sit in a quiet space, and I want you to write down as many things you think are essential in life. Anything that comes to mind is fine.

Then, you combine some of them into some groups. It can be grouping the activities you enjoy spending with your friends into "cultivating friendships".

Lastly, pick 3-5 top values that mean the most to you.

For me, personally, the top three will always be family/relationships, self-growth and health/wellness.

Core values shape who you are as a person; it tells what matters the most for you and you only. You want to be able to envision yourself holding onto these values as time goes by.

I hope this helps! ;)

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