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Buy Hair Color HOT!

I started Simpler Hair Color because I wanted an easier and safer way to dye my own hair and beard. I hope it does the same for you. We're committed to providing the highest quality product and service in our industry, including offering hassle-free returns. Our Story

buy hair color

Betty Beauty offers safe color for the hair down there for both women AND men! Betty Beauty is a gentle pubic hair dye that naturally colors, covers grays, and brightens to match your locks above.

Splat Original Complete Kits with Bleach come with everything you need to dye your hair red at home. Bleach, Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Gloves, & Instructions. Vegan & Cruelty-Free red hair dye that lasts approximately 4-6 weeks depending on hair health and porosity. If you have longer hair than chin length we recommend buying at least 2 boxes to ensure you have enough dye to evenly coat your strands.

Splat Midnight Kits are formulated to work on medium brown hair or lighter so you can skip the bleach. Midnight Scarlet is a bolder shade that works best on dark blonde or lighter. We offer 3 shades of deep & vibrant reds in semi-permanent direct dye formula that lasts approximately up to 6 weeks.

Splat Naturals Red Hair Dye is a 95% natural formula with an ultra-conditioning base, infused with Baobab Seed Oil, Quinoa Extracts, and Pro-Vitamin B5 for extra hydration. The semi-permanent vegan formula lasts 4-6 weeks depending on hair health & porosity. The thick formula allows for precision application and less mess. Free of Bleach, Parabens, Sulfates, PPD, Ammonia, & Fragrance.

Take your dark tresses to bold in a single step with double the lifting power of traditional color. Splat permanent red hair color delivers vibrant root-to-tip color in one transforming step. An easy to apply cream formula that lifts and deposits bold color, eliminating the need for bleach.

Not into commitment? We got you. This low-commitment red hair color lets you go anywhere from pastel to bold in a matter of minutes. Simply add red color at the desired timing and then watch it fade away with each shampoo.

Bold, expressive red hair color without the commitment. Turn up the volume on any hair look with this easy to apply red temporary hair dye. Comb applicator allows for precision application and quick dry formula reduces mess.

One step semi-permanent red hair color in 4 shades. Peroxide-free formula conditions while you color. Semi-permanent direct dye 1.5 oz packets are perfect to create your very own custom Splat Hair Color shade. Add a bit to any of the Orignal Kits to up the intensity or deepen the red. You can use it to create accent pieces or touch up your roots. Foil packets last 4-6 weeks depending on hair health and porosity.

Not sure how to choose the right hair color? Take a look at Aveda's virtual try-on tool, which uses AI to show you what you'll look like with different hair colors. Whether you're looking to frame your face with simple highlights or go all-out and transform your brunette locks into blonde or red hair, you can get peace of mind that you're making the right decision before jumping straight in. What's more, you can play around with shade and tone to get your perfect color match.

However, those who have been on TikTok recently have seen some at-home hair color disasters, either in videos from the person themselves or in viral reenactments by accounts run by Siiri Parks (@siiriparks), Theresa Van Dam (@theresavandamstylist) and Taylor Burgos (@madeandtaylored), now dominating the subsection of the app dubbed HairTok.

Another way to make sure you are happy with your outcome is to start small and use at-home color for touchups or gray coverage between professional appointments. Burgos suggests this, as what you see on the model on the box may not be what you will look like in the end.

This was one of the most Googled questions we found, as we can only imagine the red or purple-stained hands frantically asking how to remove hair dye from the skin. Luckily there are products out there to help with removal, as well as some tips to prevent staining in the first place.

IGK is a brand that Parks suggested, and mentioned they include both a color blocker that you can put around the perimeter of your hairline and stain remover packet for the end to apply to any dye left on your ears or hands. However, to prevent stains from the start, Van Dam had a household suggestion that is even easier.

This is a great brand to use for a gloss treatment, which is even more temporary than semi-permanent dye, but can be great to use between professional treatments or as a fun tint to test the colored waters.

For stunning color and healthy, shiny locks, our professionals love Moroccan Oil, and specifically their color depositing hair masks. These are semi-permanent, and like glosses, wash out after a few shampoos.

This is another gloss brand, that you can easily apply yourself for a touch of stunning color and shine that washes out after a few shampoos. It is sold on Amazon and comes in an array of natural and bright colors, too.

This one is used by professionals and DIY-hair colorists alike, which is why our experts recommended this brand. It is sold in a variety of vivid shades and natural hues at Sally Beauty, easily accessible to purchase.

This salon-quality brand is a great bet for both permeant and semi-permanent colors, approved for use at home and designed by a reputable salon. They also have a new gloss treatment that is great for a subtle change or a refresh between colors.

I have wanted something like this for years. I dread getting dyes, even the natural Aveda line. It ends up drying out my hair. Wow, I am such a huge fan of the overall shine and health. More than a satisfied customer!

After just one treatment (with the brown) kit, I woke up today and my hair looks so nice :) Thank you for this great product. It is so hard to find non-toxic hair products that are non-harming to the environment too.

S. just cut her dreads when this treatment was done and it revealed gray hair underneath. Ninety minutes later, her gray was almost entirely gone save for a few stubborn hairs on the top of her forehead.

JJ is a woman in her forties whose hair was both going gray but also losing its pigmentation. She had never treated her hair before with any coloring product. Her brown hair became richer and shinier after using Hairprint.

Discover inspiring & trend-driven innovations for the utmost reliability with superior performance. From the just-out-of-beauty-school novice to the master colorist, a full suite of education offerings will help you elevate your artistry.

New Kenra Color Creatives - Formulated with conditioning benefits and enhanced vibrancy for longer lasting results, so you can reinvigorate hair post-lightening service with these subtle to bold tones.

Like Lauryn Hill said back in 1998, "it could all be so simple." And we don't know about y'all, but we'd also rather not make it hard. Life is tough enough! So, with the help of some experts, we came up with 13 at-home hair color tricks, hacks, product recommendations, and tips, so the once-laborious act of doing your own color can turn into the best, easiest spa day ever.

The three keys to success? Make sure you're comfortable (a pair of these luxe PJs should do the job), have everything you need (we've got you there below), and aren't pressed for time. Now, get into the best insider at-home hair-color tricks and tips for achieving salon-worthy results.

The rule is as follows: For permanent dye, choose a color a smidge darker than what you want because of the strong developer, says Ionato. With semipermanent dye, however, err on the lighter side of the color you're looking to achieve. "Semipermanent formulas don't have a developer, meaning they get darker and darker the longer you leave them in your hair," says Ionato. "It's safer to choose a color that's a bit lighter from the get-go."

Hair texture matters just as much when dyeing your hair as it does when cutting it. "Coarse, curly, or frizzy hair sucks up color faster and will become cooler-toned when you dye it, so it will look ashier, or slightly bluish," says Ionato. "Fine to medium hair textures don't absorb color as easily and will become a slightly warmer tone when you add dye, meaning it will have orange, red, or copper undertones."

So what does that mean for you when you're standing in the aisle at the drugstore? If your hair is frizzy or curly, pick a color that's warm (golden, copper, bronze), but a little lighter than your natural hair color; if your hair is fine and straight, choose cooler shades (champagne, beige) that are slightly darker than your natural color.

"If you're just doing your roots, I'd recommend putting coconut oil or a deep conditioning mask on the mid-shaft and ends to help preserve any lightness or any dimension that you have on the hair," says NYC-based colorist Rachel Bodt. Runoff from rinsing out your roots can stain the rest of your hair, so she suggests creating a coconut oil barrier to keep dye from dripping down through the rest of your hair. She also suggests adding Vaseline around the hairline to prevent dye from staining your scalp.

If you're an unnatural blonde, box dyes won't hide the dark roots of your highlights, since they're meant to adjust hair color by only a shade or two, says colorist Marie Robinson, the founder of Marie Robinson Salon in New York City. "Get an at-home bleach kit, like Clairol Born Blonde, instead, and use a spooley to apply to just the highlights' roots." The makeup tool disperses bleach evenly and precisely, so you're less likely to end up with "hot" (hairstylist speak for "orange") color. 041b061a72


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