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Health comes first

I found this quote last week while researching for an essay: "Women, people of colour and young people are among those that have been found to have been hurt most by the coronavirus crisis."

Planet Earth is hungry for changes in our day-to-day decisions. The majority of us realized the need to protect resources fighting for inequalities; we said that we want to climate change, but did we do our part to cut down carbon emissions?

When I lived on my own in Vancouver in my first years, I was stressed out from school and loneliness. I had mental breakdowns and a lack of motivation.

When I moved to Shanghai last year for six months, I was in the hospital for many different occasions: cornea infections, acute enteritis and wisdom teeth etc.

I suffered a lot mentally and physically in the span of a year.

The thing I know about myself is that If I want to do anything, I will invest my whole heart into it. I have decided to work on my health.

I started to go to the gym, read, and self-motivate consistently. Though I still have my ups and downs, I am optimistic enough to get through any rough patches.

These setbacks are building a stronger me. They made me realize that nothing matters if you don't prioritize your health.

The same goes with our living environment.

The earth is bleeding; we realized it. The health of people, including you and me, are in danger. We are running out of time, and we must put them on the most urgent agenda.

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