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I used to argue with my dad over the tiniest little things. I took bits of his advice most of the time because I trusted his experiences, but he is stubborn and not prone to change in any sort.

My dad is a typical type of fixed mindset. He often ignores my feedback and is threatened by others' success. Personally, I am not too fond of it, which led me to the opposite, a growth mindset.

Mindsets determine how we approach day to day decisions.

A productive mindset got to me in 2020 when I realized I wasted much time on short-lived entertainment.

I made efforts to enjoy reading books and articles, watching quality YouTube videos, and listening to podcasts. I am obsessed with being more productive.

Being in a positive mental state gives you hope, resilience and optimism.

Mindsets matter because they explore different perspectives we engage in life and encourage us to become the person we desire to be.

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