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Know when to take a break

After the last post of my chapter 2 in 2021 June, I did not post for a few months. I needed a break more than ever.

In June and July alone, I finished over ten books. I got my driver's license, and I reconnected with friends who mean the world to me.

To be honest, during those months, I was suffering from pains in many different dimensions: family situations, health issues and discomfort from social detoxing and loneliness. Moreover, spending 14 entire days transiting and studying to my driving school literally drained me. (4 hours on the subway there and back ;)

I even got hit by a motorbike; nothing serious, but painful and left several scars.

Absurd things happened one after one, but there are three things I didn't stop doing every single day during summer: Reading, Gym, Screen time controlling.

In the upcoming month, I want to share some of the critical lessons I learned from summer, as well as how my mindset changed again for dealing with unlucky events in life.

Side note, on June 4th at 10 pm, after finishing my next day's content, I wrote these:

"My Brain is a little messy right now. I might be just tired. I need some productivity time to create a better sleep schedule. This includes getting off my phone as much as possible. When I'm free, I'll just read a bit or meditate?"

Recap, make the decision, move on, and recap...

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