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Filter the noises

and why you need to find your value.

We live in such a fast-paced society. In a decade, we'd have iPhone 4 to 12, Facebook to Instagram to Meta to NFTs, and crypto is huge too.

When we buried with all the non-essentials, we lost track of what was the most significant. We lose touch with what defines us and often think a happy life is based on another. Family, friends, society and media-- others' voices and images often dictate our mind into thinking about who we should be and what we should do.

!!!The external influences are ultimately distracting us from our values.

Our values dictate actions and ultimately lead to your happiness. !!!

Take Gratitude, for example; if you were to appreciate and be grateful for more things in life, it brings out a positive and nontoxic side of your emotions. When you think about how grateful you are to one another, it becomes harder to think about the bad experiences with them in your brain.

!!!"Clearing a mirror full of dust might not be pleasant, but only when the dust is gone can you see your reflections."!!!

Most of us don't sit back and set aside 15min to think about values. We can't explore our own minds when preoccupied with opinions, expectations and obligations. We need to find our inner spaces and reflect from time to time.

People say, "I will do this when I hit rock bottom", and I just think that's an excuse for getting more time wasted. I challenge you to reflect daily for 5 min, think about what you have done today and what can be improved.

->On Sunday: More on finding your values

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