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Accept, control.

Now ask yourself, what have you done today?

Suppose you have done your work, fantastic! But if you didn't, list out every single reason (distractions) that you can control.

Say, I was on my phone, I should reduce my phone usage. Or, I have too many things on my hands, I get stressed and overwhelmed so I didn't want to work, maybe you need to take 10 min in the morning to plan.

Listing out the reasonings is about accepting who you are as a person, accepting that you get lazy from time to time, that you blame external factors such as the materials are too hard for me.

When you have control over your life, you will crave the responsibility feelings to keep you in the loop. In fact, finding an internal locus of control is so easy. You get to determine how many hours of work you will put in, how enjoyable the process will be.

Now you have a plan, and you are already on the way to finishing your tasks. This is better than what you had before; use these thoughts to stimulate your mind to achieve better by pushing yourself just a bit.

You can always gain yourself an advantage in tackling any task. That is to

strategically tell yourself that you will take control of what you can do, factors that are out of your reach, like weather, or other's people's opinions.

Appreciate what you do; appreciate your actions that solve all your problems.

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