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Wake UP!

Wake UP!

During winter break, I read a book called Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins. David suffered a lot in his childhood: beaten by his dad, forced labour and no sleep, racism etc.

He cheated on exams during high school, and at one point, he hit rock bottom-- he got cut from the basketball team, and he lied to his mom about the failing grades.

He was disgusted at himself when he stared at the mirror that afternoon. " You stand for nothing. You are an embarrassment. You've never tried hard at anything except for basketball, and you have goals." For once, he accepted for who he really is.

Everyone has a few awakening moments in their life. This is one of his, and he took it to an extreme: he shaved his hair, had a solo intervention.

David uses his mirror to keep himself accountable. He tells himself that his time has been wasted while living with no purpose. He describes himself these brutal truths so that he can listen to himself, his inner desire.

Nothing can stop the mind from thinking about this positive experience when internal desires kick in. Awakening moments empower you, but this is only just a cue. The setbacks are coming, and we need to learn how to adjust to these discomforts.

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