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YOU matter

This piece will reflect on my personal experiences. Feel free to chat with me if you have different opinions.

Insecurity, self-doubt, and fear of not belonging.

We question ourselves if we are good enough, intelligent enough, rich enough, and most of the time, we feel we aren't. These evil thoughts come from your inner critics, who constantly tell you how inadequate you are compared to others.

I was 13 when I came to Canada. I knew I had to make friends and fit into circles, but I often thought about my accent and cared too much about what I brought to the conversations, afraid that people would judge me. I was real sensitive too. My emotions were a roller-coaster. The process of feel

Good things tend to happen after a bad thing. After all, that bad news is so bad that anything that happens after will make the current me feel better.

I learned my confidence by pushing my comfort zone over and over again. I tasted rejections when I went for student-co elections and lost two years in a row. I never stopped. I grasped all the opportunities I have to participate in case competitions, volunteer, and meet new people.

The start of finding happiness is concentrating on what I am good at. It was telling myself that I deserve better, I can do better; I accepted my flaws and combatted them because the only person who can change myself is me. I matter, You matter too.

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